Sunday, February 6, 2011

The life of a toddler in our home!!!

We have so many family members and friends that live far away and I am sorry to say I am not very good at keeping in touch with you!  This is an attemp to allow you into our little piece of the world.  Thank you for all you do for our family and the impact you have made in our lives may we impact others as you have us!  God Bless!
After much thought and discussion we decided to start preschool for "Bugs" in our home last fall!  After starting I realized "Butter bean" is going to be right in there with us!!!! They absolutely LOVED the idea and I am amazed every day at how well they do and thrive for more!!!! 
That being said, I am sooooo excited for this week!  We are doing a "LETTER OF THE WEEK PROGRAM", this week we will be learning letters "D" and "N".  I do everything off the work box system, which allows them to be able to explore and work through boxes themselves at their own pace.  I thought they would be to little but they do each box filled with hands on activities everyday.  I change them out once a week to go along with our theme.  I also add laminated pages of letter tracing, color sorting, bible verse tapeline, counting cards, discovery items, etc.  I also found a great blog that had a FREE preschool packet title doctors and nurses, I am incorporating that in our theme this week!  Yesterday my husband and I took inventory in our home and collected anything that could be placed into a discovery corner.  We found q-tips, band-aids, cotton balls, stuffed animals, ace bandages, painting masks, shower caps, toy doctor set from play room, and stethoscope.  This is a discovery area which they will play in for the next week.  I will add something new to it daily.  The best part is, this item does not have to be fancy or expensive for example, I printed x-rays off the internet of broken bones and laminated them.  I will add these one day.  I have a mini microscope, a little bear and puppy that cries and moves, etc.  Small items that were just laying around being put to good use!  One trip to the local library and I have a basket of children books that go with our theme for reading time. Along with this we fit in "Messy Mondays" (Kids kitchen activity),  Weird Wednesday (Science experiment) and Free Friday (Catch up on projects not finished, go on field trip, fun time or family night to celebrate the weeks goals).  Follow along as I guide you in the path our preschoolers take in our home!!!!  It may amaze you, but mostly it should making you laugh as these are moments in our life that take our breath away!!! 

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